Water, Air, Sun

Game Overview:

Water, air, and the Sun are three elements that shape the land and “change the world”. In this game “Water, Air, Sun”, the player will try to keep growing the three trees for as long as possible, while juggling the effects of the three elements.

  • Water (rain) helps the trees grow, and gets rid of dry land, but creates excess water on the land.
  • Sun reduces the excess water on the land, but creates excess dust.
  • Air (wind) reduces the growth of trees, and makes the  land dry and crack, but it also blows away excess dust.

Too much excess water, dust, or dry land will be the end of the game. Also if all three trees shrunk and disappear, it’ll also  be the end of the game. As the trees grow, the score will keep increasing. Control the three elements by clicking/touching the arrows above them. How long can you keep the trees alive and the land free of disasters? Find out now!

Update (4:28am PST):

Done! No sound still but here it is! Click on the image to play a web version. I’ll upload a video of the game running on the iPhone is anyone’s interested ;)

Update (12:46am PST):

A bit more to see. Can you guess what the player is meant to do?

Update (10:54pm PST):

A few hours in, let’s see what we’ve got here… yeah not much to see yet. Still a long way to go!

Update (7:50pm PST):

Sketched up a simple design on paper. Here we go!


Hi all,

First time doing a game jam! Not sure what to make yet but I’ll update here as soon as I have something concrete to show. :)


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