This year will be different. In past years, we’ve held a game jam at 360|iDev and all has been well. It all started back in the early days of the conf, when there was a huge indie game maker attendance. While the indie gamers still show up, there are quite a few people who don’t make games and never will. They do, however, have a few non-game app ideas that they’d like to launch someday. Well, that day will be Tuesday, August 26th.

This year, come with any app idea and spend 13 hours trying to make it happen. The great thing about the jam is that there are tons of people around you. If you hit a wall and need some direction to keep moving on your project, you just ask around and someone there will be able to help you. The goal is to have a working prototype that you can demo to folks. It’s a tough goal, but oh so rewarding once you complete it.

App Jam Details

When: Tuesday, 8/26/14 @ 7 pm to Wednesday, 8/27/14 @ 8 am

Where: 360iDev  Conference @ Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel
1550 Court Place. Denver, CO 80202

Purpose: To build a game or an app in 13 hours

What to Bring: Yourself

Who can join: Anyone. You don’t need to code to attend. We’ve had artists, musicians, designers, sound techs, all come out to lend their support to this valiant effort.

Read the “rules” to see what this is all about and follow the blog for more updates, or check out the entries from previous years using the menu to the right.

But wait, there’s more! Anyone can participate from anywhere. The game jam is not just for conference attendees. Even if you cannot be with us in the room, join us over the interwebs and post your progress. Or, if you’re just visiting, browse the projects and leave comments, we want to hear what you think!

Please do check out our great sponsors. They are a bunch of awesome indie devs who love making games. So much so, that they’re providing the food and drinks to power our efforts this year.